Sunday, March 19, 2006 GNOME 2.14 Review has posted their review of GNOME 2.14. It's not a terrible review by any means, but it misses some cool new features. Yes, Yelp is new and improved and there's tons of speed increases, but here's some missed features you should know about:

  • Deskbar is now a part of GNOME 2.14! Deskbar is a panel applet that's basically the mystical "type something in and I'll do what you want" field. It'll search Google, your hard disk, your documents, and everything else for whatever you type in... and it's super extensible. (Check out the Deskbar section over here for a screenshot that explains it all.)
  • Epiphany has been decked out with some nice features like bookmark tagging, integration with Liferea and other RSS feedreaders, and "zeroconf" bookmarks (the ability to share/browse shared bookmarks on a local network without any configuration.) Epiphany also still goes easy on your RAM (unlike FireFox). Check out some more Epiphany goodness here.
  • Mad gedit improvements. Check out the "Better editor" section here.
  • GStreamer 0.10 - Finally GStreamer's gotten the stability and versatility that's been the goal all along. To the end user, you're going to notice better/instant video seeking in Totem, and should see other GStreamer 0.10 based apps behaving nicer too. For the technologically inclined, this is a good read to get a better idea of the possibilities.
I'm sure there's other improvements worth mentioning too - Feel free to post a comment if there's any particular ones you think need mentioning!

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