Thursday, October 05, 2006

OT: Fake USB Drives - I was right

In the last week, three people have come forward and posted comments on my fake USB stick article saying they're had similar experiences at Factory Direct (the retailer I bought it at). If there was any doubt in my mind that it was really false advertising and not just a faulty USB stick, this cleared it up.

The weird thing about this is that the guys who branded the USB keys in California probably didn't even know they were fake. My theory is that the original manufacturer sold these to various companies who branded them and resold them. One (sketchy) guy ended up counterfeiting them by branding the Sony logo on them, and that's why there's all these fake Sony ones around that look exactly like the one I had. Other companies, like the one who branded mine got screwed because they bought the fake keys and didn't know it until it was too late. (Do they even know it now?)

If anyone else has had a similar experience at Factory Direct, let me know here, or if you want to do something about it, contact me at linux*NoSpam*, and we'll see what our options are.


Anonymous said...

I have tried to send you an e-mail but it keeps getting sent back. Is your yahoo e-mail address still current? Before you ask, I did remove the *NO SPAM* portion :-)

Anonymous said...

The reason I want to e-mail you is that I also purchased a fake flash drive from Factory Direct in July of this year. It's the red 1GB model but any files stored beyond 256MB become corrupted. I thought I had a defective drive but thanks to your blog, I now know the real problem.

GameGod said...

Hi, I wonder why the email thing didn't work... weird... (did you remove the stars too?)

In either case, you can alternatively contact me at "".

Anonymous said...

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