Friday, January 11, 2008

KDE 4.0 Released!

After having sworn off KDE many years ago, I might just have to give it a second shot - KDE 4.0 was just released, and brings a massive overhaul to the desktop environment. Congratulations to the entire KDE team on making this release happen. A lot of very talented people put a lot of hard work into this.

If you're looking for eye-candy, check out the KDE 4 screenshots on their site. Kickoff and KRunner look well thought-out, and I'm itching to give them a try. They also look like they're better integrated into the desktop environment than their GNOME equivalents (Deskbar and any of those XP/Vista-style system panel clones).

If you want to give it a spin, the source and binary packages for several distros are available on the KDE 4.0.0 info page. Packages for (K)Ubuntu 7.10 are available along with a LiveCD here.

Good stuff.