Saturday, April 15, 2006

2 Things I'd like to see in Dapper

  1. Live chat support - This just sounds like a pretty good idea to me. It'll let new users get the answers they want quickly, and it'll be another way for the Ubuntu community to support itself.
  2. MP3 Codec Auto-detect/Installer - You can spot this about half way down the page in the link. It's a plugin for Rhythmbox that automatically alerts you that you don't have the MP3 codec installed (or rather, the proper gstreamer plugin) when you try to play an MP3. It then gives you an option to install it straight from the repository. Now why didn't anyone think of this before? (The number of posts on the Ubuntu Forums relating to MP3 playback is a hint...)

In other news, I've finally got NetworkManager behaving now. For some reason though, when I connect to a wireless network, I have to do it twice in order to get an IP, and after that I'm not sure it's working properly. One step at a time....
(Also, Beagle's starting to feel a bit better, although it causes Deskbar to hang a lot... did I mention I love Deskbar?)

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