Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Excited for SMART

I've removed this article due to inaccuracies in it.
(Apparently I didn't research SMART enough... Thanks to my readers for pointing it out!)

I'd like to apologize for this mistake and any misinformation I may have spread. I'll do my best to triple check my facts in the future. ;)

If you're still curious, here's some links to the software's site:


Anonymous said...

Does it support emerge? I'll check the site, but that would be one major advantage if it does!

Anonymous said...

I think you should read the FAQ:

GameGod said...

After scouring the FAQ, I'll admit I was wrong on this one...

While APT and alien allow you to install .deb and .rpm files in Debian systems, SMART doesn't really provide the magic "be-all-end-all" package functionality that my reading lead me to believe it did.