Friday, May 05, 2006

News Tidbits

Sauerbraten 2006-24-06 Released has the scoop on the latest release of Saurbraten.

Mixx 1.5.0beta1 Released
Mixx is a powerful DJ mixing program for Linux and Windows. As far as I can tell, it's the best open source mixing program out there. In the latest beta, they've added pitch-independant time stretch, as well as fixed a bunch of annoying bugs. It looks like the development has also started to pick up again. This is a good project to keep an eye on...

I downloaded and gave Wormux a shot today. It aims to be a free Worms clone for Linux, and that it definitely succeeds in. It feels pretty polished too. If you're a Worms fan, give it a shot. (Reminds me of Worms 2...) If you don't feel like adding an apt repository to your Ubuntu system to install the game, here's direct links to the two .debs you need: wormux-data-0.7.1, wormux-0.7.1 (just download the .deb from the directory corresponding to your distro)

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