Sunday, May 21, 2006

Upgrading to Dapper (The REALLY Easy Way)

Add this one to the big long list of reasons why I want Ubuntu to have my babies:

Upgrading to Dapper without touching the terminal

If there's one thing that the Ubuntu developers are good at, it's just getting stuff done. Man, once again, good job Ubuntu devs. :)


Tim Alexander said...

Any idea if this is stable yet? I realize that Dapper itself isn't, but I want to upgrade ASAP, and I just wonder if this will break things. I've had really bad experiences upgrading from warty to hoary, and then from hoary to breezy. I hope this makes it smoother.

GameGod said...

Personally, I would consider Dapper "stable", but I would have said the same about a month ago too.
I've never had any "stability" problems with Dapper, and I've been running it for about 2 months.

Break things? Well, if it's going to break things for you now, I highly doubt that the situation is going to be any different on June 1st when Dapper officially comes out...

When I upgraded from Warty to Breezy, I found that I didn't have too many problems. Most of the problems were due to things that required weird installations (like my printer driver). I had to reinstall the NVIDIA driver to get my X back when I upgraded to both Breezy and Dapper, but I'm pretty sure this is because I had both the NVIDIA driver installed from the repositories AND from NVIDIA's site (things were conflicting...)

As far as I remember, all I had to do was an 'apt-get install nvidia-glx' to fix that, and Dapper was running fine....

(I've actually upgraded my machine from Hoary->Breezy->Dapper, so I expect that there'd be less (if not no) complications if you're just upgrading from Breezy to Dapper...)