Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dear Lazyweb: Backing up Email in Evolution

Dear Lazyweb,

My university generously provides us with a whopping 25 megabytes of email storage, and has been sending me messages on a daily basis that my inbox is 93% full.

I use Evolution as my mail client, and it's an IMAP mail server.
How can I download my 23 megs of emails and a stick them in a tarball?

If anyone has any ideas or hints on this, I'd appreciate it very much if you dropped me a comment. :)



Anonymous said...

you could try using POP if the server supports it. Make sure to "leave a copy on the server" for the first run. Evolution stores the emails in one big file it seems. This is just speculation but from what I can tell my emails are all together located in the "Inbox" file with the path ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox.sbd

Have you checked the evolution mailing list?

Anonymous said...

Evolution mailing list

Anonymous said...


GameGod said...

Aha, thanks for the links! :)

Anonymous said...

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