Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random News (Beryl release and video, Edgy Beta)

Here's some interesting recent happenings:

  • MacSlow's got a video of Edgy running Beryl, showing off blurred transparent windows.
  • On that note, the first version of Beryl (0.1.0) was released (yeah, it's still lacking a website). If you've already got the QuinnStorm repositories enabled in Ubuntu, a "sudo apt-get install beryl emerald emerald-themes" should do it for you. (Launch it with beryl-manager.) If you don't have XGL or anything set up yet, I suggest waiting until Ubuntu 6.10 comes out at the end of this month, as it'll be much easier to set up then. Beryl does feel a bit snappier than the old QuinnStorm compiz though and things seem less buggy so far. (The nice thing about Beryl is that Quinn's team can now make their own releases and stabilize them beforehand. No more buggy development compiz.)
  • Ok, last bit of Beryl news for today, I promise! has an interview with QuinnStorm on the new release and the divergence from Compiz. It doesn't contain a whole lot of new information, but there is one gem tucked away at the end:
    "I would tell a layperson to look forward to a desktop that can really outshine what both other major players in the field offer, especially once X gets its input redirection code in, but even before that we'll be able to really catch some attention."

    The article doesn't explain what X's "input redirection code" is, but it rang a bell with me. I've read that in Compiz (and now Beryl), when you click on a wobbling window, your click won't "land" on the right spot. It turns out this is actually a limitation in the X server, so I'm pretty sure Quinn was referring to the solution to this problem. I'm sure this'll open up some interesting ways to interact with windows though. (Also, my memory is terrible, so someone correct me if I'm wrong on this one...)
  • The beta of Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft has been released. The official Ubuntu release notes details the big noticeable changes and includes some screenshots as well.


macslow said...

That "input redirection code" is a new X11-extension worked on by nobody else but Keith Packard, who brought us many new technologies now taken for granted in Xorg (XRender, XRandR, Composite, Damage, XFixes etc).

GameGod said...

Whoa, a comment from the man himself! :)

Let me ask an open, but obvious question: Why is it that all these cool features were brought to us by only one person? (Heck, even XGL/Compiz was a one-man-show... AIGLX wasn't, but XGL (and more specifically Compiz) gets brownie points for being the first one out of the gate.)


Anonymous said...

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