Monday, June 05, 2006

Gaming in XGL: Finally

Looks like I've been out of the loop for a while, because someone finally figured out how to get OpenGL accelerated apps to run on XGL without any noticeable performance hit. I just tested it with my Dapper/GNOME/Nvidia setup, and it works great!

This fix works by allowing those applications to run on the regular Xorg X server that runs beside XGL. The only side-effect is that if you try to run games in windowed mode, you won't be able to move them around because there won't be a window manager running on the other X server (although you might be able to just run one, but I haven't tried it.)
(... so no wobbly Quake 3 this way, but at least it works at full speed!)

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silwenae said...

This is very cool, thanks for the link. I've been running Dapper for a while, and missed having XGL as I'm still a big gamer.