Sunday, August 13, 2006

Linux Rock Star Blog

I just stumbled across the "Linux Rock Star" blog, which covers Linux audio applications, hardware, synths, etc.
If you're into audio/music production and run Linux, this site will most definitely come in handy.

There are many music apps available for Linux including Synthesizers, DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations), Trackers, Sequencers and much more. There are also complete Linux Distributions available with all of the programs setup and ready to use. My goal is to cover many of these available programs and make them accessible to the reader.

Sounds like a niche that could use filling! Check it out and be sure to add this one to your feed reader.


Cellfisher said...

Very interesting link. I've always wanted to play with music software, but never really got around to it. Well, I probably won't this time either, but now at least I know where to look. Thanks.

GameGod said...

I do quite a bit of audio production in my spare time, and it's just not quite the same in Linux.
There's a ton of "almost there" software that's decent, but just provide any form of integrated experience for making music.

That being said, there are some good quality apps out there. Ardour is pretty good for mastering and Audacity is a great wave editor.

For actual music production, I've just ended up using Jeskola Buzz ( under WINE... lol