Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quick Update...

Here's some interesting stuff I've stumbled across in the last week and a half :

  • Linux.com has a new article outlining the new Dates and Contacts apps that are in development. They both use the Evolution Data Server as a backend, meaning they'll use your Evolution contact/calender data. (People have been complaining about Evolution being slow forever, so maybe we'll finally see a lighter frontend coalesce in the next year or two.

  • Ubuntu developers Canonical have hired Jono Bacon as their new Ubuntu Community Manager. Jono is well known throughout the GNOME community, and will serve Canonical very well in this position. (Jono's also heading up the Jokosher project, which has turned into a fantastic multi-track studio.)

  • Christian Schaller has covers some recent developments with Rhythmbox and Totem. (It sounds like the Totem Mozilla plugin might turn into the end-all-be-all media plugin that it should be.) :)

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