Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 Artwork - Doh!

I remember reading somewhere that the artwork in Ubuntu 6.06 didn't quit turn out as good as it should have (due to a lack of time).

Well, after getting my iMac at work to boot off the Ubuntu 6.06 Live/Desktop CD (without Bootcamp, I might add), I was playing around with the Gnome Partition Editor, and I noticed this slight oversight:

Funny :)

(Btw, if anyone's interested: To get my (early 2006 model) iMac to boot off the Ubuntu Desktop CD, I just had to install the latest firmware update for the boot loader. (This page explains it.) After that, I held down the "option" key when I rebooted, and selected to boot off the CD (ironically detected as "Windows"). Linux on a Mac was as easy as that!
(Now, is there any easy way to get a Mac to boot off a USB key with Ubuntu installed?)

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